Is Amazon Automation a Scam? If Yes, Can You Just Do It on Your Own?

With the e-commerce space booming, it’s becoming more and more difficult to be an Amazon seller. Competition only seems to be on the rise. Amazon currently has 5 million sellers spanning over 12 different marketplaces across the globe. So, every seller is trying to find new ways to optimize their business.


Firstly, what is Amazon Automation Services? These are companies that offer to do all the dirty work for you. They claim to build a store for you, pick the right products, manage inventory, and set up a functioning consumer redressal system.

What do they get in return? You can be asked to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 for the services rendered. They might also insist on picking up a percentage of the revenue which sometimes can be as high as 50%. While it’s unfair to call that all Amazon automation businesses are a scam, most of them do turn out to be fraudsters. Some of these firms had fake testimonials, while others simply lacked the experience to deliver on the promises of getting you in touch with thousands of wholesale accounts.

Click here to read the guide to how Amazon FBA works.

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